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cjp-professional - CJP Professional

Subject: CJP Professional

The CJP professional listserv is intended to serve the professional needs of CJP-affiliated practitioners and researchers in the field. This list is a clearing house for professional development and networking opportunities, including but not limited to: conferences, events, and job postings. This list also acts as a conversation starting point for requests coming from practitioners in the field to CJP.

Requests for membership to this list are moderated, pending approval on the following criteria: You are a CJP graduate program student or alumnus; Program participant (e.g. STAR, SPI, Coming to the Table); or CJP faculty or staff member. If you meet these criteria, request membership now!

* Messages sent to this list are unmoderated but are subject to review based on the intended uses of the list described above

* File attachments up to 3MB in size are allowed; document formats are recommended (e.g. PDF, Word)

* You may unsubscribe from this list or update your contact information at any time

If you have any questions or feedback on this list, contact us!

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